Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We're Still Alive and Kicking!

Hi folks,

Long time, no update. We've been bogged down in legal negotiations with Peermusic. The process of obtaining the rights to quote from Carter Family song lyrics has been a lengthy one, fraught with delays galore.

We've been revising the book, with some invaluable informational help from Rita Forrester and Flo Wolfe. I think our book will have some historical "scoops" that haven't appeared elsewhere!

The book is looking good, overall. Once we've cleared up all the legal roadblocks, and feel we can proceed without worry or question, we'll be back on track. The delays have been frustrating, but in that time, we've been able to make the project better and stronger than it was before.

We hope to have more updates here, as this project is once again among the living. Thanks for your patience and for your continued interest...