Saturday, November 25, 2017

To Laugh That We May Not Weep

Frank Young's newest book, co-authored with Glenn Bray, is a gorgeous coffee table art book on illustrator and cartoonist Art Young (no relation), who produced many, many cartoons in the early 20th century, political and non-political, but has remained largely unknown in our time. Until now.

Michael Tisserand (who wrote the definitive biography of Krazy Kat cartoonist George Herriman) has reviewed the book, "To Laugh That We May Not Weep", for the Chicago Tribune. Read the review here, then go out and purchase the book as a gift for the cartoon lover in your life (or for yourself)!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Leslie Riddle Honored

Leslie Riddle, who taught the Carter Family some of their best songs, has been honored in Burnsville, NC with a historical highway marker. Details here. (with thanks to Ron McConnell for the info!)

Also worth noting: Burnsville hosts an annual RiddleFest! I hope to attend one of these times...

Thursday, May 4, 2017

La Familia Carter -- Our graphic novel is now available in a Spanish language edition!

My high school Spanish teacher, Sra. Pettigrew, recently took this photo in a "large and classy bookstore" in Barcelona. I'm thrilled to see our book available in Spain.

Frank and I have been excited by the fact that our graphic novel of the Carter Family's story has been translated into Spanish. It's all thanks to Madrid publisher Impedimenta, who has done an excellent job, even designing a great new cover!
Here is the publisher's page for this edition.

¡Qué bueno!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Alicia Keys reworks a Carter Family classic

I'm listening to Alicia Key's "Here" album and got a great surprise when the song "Pawn it All" came on. She has reworked the Carter Family's "Gold Watch and Chain" into something that is all her own. The Carter Family's song, recorded in 1933, was a reworking of the 1879 Thomas P. Westendorf song, "Is There No Kiss for Me Tonight, Love."

Monday, February 20, 2017

"Fools Like Me:" Frank Young's novel of country music and forbidden love

Frank M. Young, who is in recovery from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, has used his time of enforced rest to bring into publication a country music-themed novel he wrote in the 1990s, with some later editing.

Fools Like Me tells the story of two high-school graduates living in a small town in Georgia who try to break into the country-western field, but find intense personal complications instead.

You can browse's "Look Inside this Book" feature by clicking on the book title above, which takes you right to the website's page for this title.

Portions of this book are definitely on the adult side, so reader discretion is advised. If you're interested in seeing some of Young's prose, this is one of three novels he has out at present. Peruse his author profile to see the other titles. Thanks for your consideration!