Monday, October 29, 2012

The Cash Sisters

Back in late August, Leeann and I were excited to journey down to Portland and meet two of Johnny Cash's daughters, Tara and Rosanne (and show them an advance copy of the book, which they kindly posed with)...


I complimented Rosanne on her heartfelt and gorgeous-sounding album, "The List," which is a selection of songs from the list of 100 essential Country songs that her father wrote for her when she was a teenager.

The occasion was a reception for Kickstarter backers of Beth Harrington's Carter Family documentary "The Winding Stream."  Rosanne spoke passionately about the Carter Family and about the importance of supporting what looks to be the definitive documentary about the Carter and Cash Families, featuring interviews with Johnny Cash, Rita Forrester, Janette Carter, Joe Carter, Mike Seger, and countless other people who figure strongly in American music.  The movie is in post-production and Beth is looking for supporters to help complete this 10+ year labor of love. Go to the Winding Stream website for details!

(Here is Beth, excited to see the book for the first time, with Leeann & me.)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday in Tallahassee

Frank Young's hometown newspaper, the Tallahassee Democrat, features us on the cover of their Sunday magazine today!

Read the Q&A with Frank here...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hello Stranger

I just learned that the book has been reviewed by Seattle's weekly paper "The Stranger"...

NW Book Tour: Portland, Bellingham, Seattle!

If you live in Portland, OR, you might check out The Projects this weekend (sadly, I can't be there).  But save some energy for Thursday, Oct. 25, when Frank and I will be reading and signing our book at (one of my favorite stores in the world) Reading Frenzy!

The following day, Friday, Oct. 26, we'll be signing at one of the NW's great bookstores: Village Books, in Bellingham, WA! 

Our NW Book Tour ends with a bang at the Fantagraphics Bookstore in Seattle, Nov. 2 -- just before the spectacular Short Run small press show (where I will have a table)!  Frank and I will both be signing copies at Fantagraphics, along with cartoonist Noah Van Sciver, and the Fantagraphics Bookstore Gallery will be displaying a selection of Carter Family (and Noah Van Sciver) original art.  (And I am told there will be music by Dennis Driscoll!)

Monday, October 15, 2012

More reviews and mentions...

Frank and I continue to be excited by reviews and mentions of "Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song"...

The A.V. Club.  (scroll down a little).
(Another nice thing on this page: news that Dick Moore's "Gasoline Alley" comics from the 1960's are being reprinted.  Frank King's "Gasoline Alley" of the 1930's was a huge visual influence on Frank's coloring and my art in the book.  Dick Moores was King's assistant who took over the strip in 1960, and steered it in interesting directions, while staying true to the original tone of the strip.)

There is a very nice customer review on the book's Amazon page

In anticipation of the book launch party, there were nice mentions by The Seattle Weekly and The Stranger.  And then the Stranger's David Schmader further blogged about it.  (Side note: I recently illustrated a comic written by David Schmader on the subject of How to Talk About Marriage Equality.)

And writer (and another old friend) Chris Estey posted an exceptionally nice review and event-preview on Three Imaginary Girls.

Some favorable reader reviews are appearing on the reader-networking site Goodreads.  Thanks, readers!

Finally, a mention in the Milwaukee Express!...

Comics Reporter Interview with Frank Young and David Lasky

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by my old friend Tom Spurgeon, who happens to put together the coolest comics news site on the Internet, Comics Reporter.  He asked Frank and I about certain pages in the book, as way of exploring wider issues, and our working process.  Read the interview here...

Friday, October 12, 2012

So... TIME Magazine

If you subscribe to TIME Magazine, or pick it up at the newsstand, or maybe have a doctor or dentist appointment coming up...  check out the books page, and read about the Carter Family graphic novel...

I know, right?  Pretty awesome! Actually, it's really really awesome.

Thank you, TIME and Douglas Wolk!

I also want to point out to all reviewers that Frank Young did all the colors in the book, and deserves mention when you talk about the art.  This wasn't just a "this guy wrote and that guy drew it" kind of thing, it's a truly collaborative project.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some very nice reviews and mentions...

With the book released, Frank and I are bowled over by the attention it is receiving.  Such as this favorable review on Comics Bulletin:

Not to mention, "Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song" being one of TIME Magazine's 7 best graphic novels of the season!
I never in my life imagined a comic I drew would be mentioned in TIME.  But I am willing to accept this.  (Congrads to Seattle artist and friend Ellen Forney for also being on TIME's list!  I'm really looking forward to reading her courageous 'graphic memoir' "Marbles.")

"American Songwriter" has a review:

Our launch party was nicely written up in the Capitol Hill Times:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Book Has Launched!!!

On Monday, October 8, at Seattle's Richard Hugo House, Frank Young and I officially launched "The Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song" graphic novel.  I don't know the exact count, but the house was packed, so I'd guess between 70 and 100 people attended.  Thanks, all of you who were able to come!

We were blessed with live music from Cliff Perry and Laurel Bliss who played a stirring set of Carter Family songs. Their harmonies sounded so good, I got chills. (Cliff and Laurel have CDs for sale online... I recommend Spirit of Love.)

We watched a few clips from Beth Harrington's upcoming labor-of-love documentary: "The Winding Stream."  Beth filmed interviews with Johnny Cash, Janette and Joe Carter, Roseanne Cash, and other key figures in American music.  (By the way, you can help support this film as it works its way through post-production.)

Thanks to some generous friends, there was an overwhelmingly great dessert buffet which attendees partook of during intermission.  Some shout outs: Thanks, Leeann, for baking 12 dozen mini-muffins, thanks Noel, for baking two amazing cakes, and thanks Amanda and the Tall Grass Bakery, for a plethora of cookies. 

To end the show, Frank and I and a few friends did a reading from the book, accompanied by Cliff and Laurel for the musical parts! (We read "The Storms Are on the Ocean" - a chapter dedicated to the memory of Dylan Williams. The performance was dedicated to Dale Yarger, another friend we lost to cancer during production of the book.)  I made a few goofs, but the audience was kind.  Hey, I'm a cartoonist not a dramatist. Thanks so much to our readers: Kelly Froh, Elissa Washuta, Stacey Levine, and Mark Campos (who wins my best-dressed award)!

And then of course, we signed some books.
All in all, it was an old-time blowout party and a success. Thank you Brian McGuigan, Michael Hayes, and everyone else at Richard Hugo House! Thank you, Elliott Bay Book Company!  Thank you Abrams! And thank you Carter Family, for making the music all those years ago...
Ron Austin, who is making a documentary about cartoonists in the NW, did some filming and took a few really nice photos:
Leeann and I took a bunch of photos too:

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I'm excited to report that today the first three chapters from the book are being excerpted on one of our favorite sites,
(It may take a few seconds to load).
Thank you, BoingBoing!

Wherever Books Are Sold

The book should be appearing wherever books are sold. 
Here it is, for example, at the Fantagraphics Bookstore:

Thank you, talented friends...

Today Sarah McIntyre gave "Don't Forget This Song" a kind mention in her amazing Live Journal blog.

For anyone who doesn't know, Sarah, an American transplanted to London, is one of the world's great childrens book illustrators.  I'm always so thrilled to know her.  She is currently at work on her best illustrations to date...

That reminds me: On the American side of the Atlantic, there is another great illustrator and longtime friend of mine, Cece Bell.  She mentioned me and the book on her blog as well, and she has a new book out too: "Rabbit and Robot: The Sleepover."  Cece is secretly working on a graphic novel that will one day knock your socks off (knock them clean OFF)! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Printers Row Review

The Chicago Tribune's "Printers Row" has reviewed "Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song!" If you live in Chicago, you can track it down and read it.  If not, here are some blurry reproductions...

I'm excited to be sharing a cover with Neil Young! I would guess this is a music-themed issue...