Tuesday, January 28, 2014

RIP, Pete Seeger

David and I were saddened to hear of the passing of folk singer/musicologist/political activist Pete Seeger. He carried on some of the traditions of the Carter Family's music, and kept their American folk sound alive and well through the 20th century and into this.

Though Seeger's politics would have probably made A. P. Carter's blood boil, I'm sure both men would have been on the same page about music--about its power to reach people, move their souls, and inspire them in their lives.

HERE is the Los Angeles Times' obituary of Mr. Seeger. The elder Seeger outlived his equally famous and talented half-brother, Mike, by a few years.

I had the pleasure of talking twice with Mike Seeger in preparation for our Carter Family graphic novel. It was great to be able to talk music with him, and he offered some valuable insights on the playing styles of Sara and Maybelle Carter.

The musical legacy of the Seegers helped to keep folk and traditional American music alive and well in the mainstream of America. Pete Seeger's life story is a dramatic one, and would make a great bio-pic (or graphic novel). There is a wealth of information, video and visuals out there on the Internet. Take a moment and remember this passionate, highly influential man and his music.

Here's a fascinating video in which Pete Seeger talks about the Carters and Virginia, and interacts with June Carter and Johnny Cash:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bristol Sessions at Lincoln Center

Our Carter Family graphic novel went on sale at NYC's Lincoln Center for two nights only (Friday and Saturday) as part of Bill Frisell's "Roots of Americana" series. 
Thanks to all who made our book available at this prestigious venue!