Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Book Has Launched!!!

On Monday, October 8, at Seattle's Richard Hugo House, Frank Young and I officially launched "The Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song" graphic novel.  I don't know the exact count, but the house was packed, so I'd guess between 70 and 100 people attended.  Thanks, all of you who were able to come!

We were blessed with live music from Cliff Perry and Laurel Bliss who played a stirring set of Carter Family songs. Their harmonies sounded so good, I got chills. (Cliff and Laurel have CDs for sale online... I recommend Spirit of Love.)

We watched a few clips from Beth Harrington's upcoming labor-of-love documentary: "The Winding Stream."  Beth filmed interviews with Johnny Cash, Janette and Joe Carter, Roseanne Cash, and other key figures in American music.  (By the way, you can help support this film as it works its way through post-production.)

Thanks to some generous friends, there was an overwhelmingly great dessert buffet which attendees partook of during intermission.  Some shout outs: Thanks, Leeann, for baking 12 dozen mini-muffins, thanks Noel, for baking two amazing cakes, and thanks Amanda and the Tall Grass Bakery, for a plethora of cookies. 

To end the show, Frank and I and a few friends did a reading from the book, accompanied by Cliff and Laurel for the musical parts! (We read "The Storms Are on the Ocean" - a chapter dedicated to the memory of Dylan Williams. The performance was dedicated to Dale Yarger, another friend we lost to cancer during production of the book.)  I made a few goofs, but the audience was kind.  Hey, I'm a cartoonist not a dramatist. Thanks so much to our readers: Kelly Froh, Elissa Washuta, Stacey Levine, and Mark Campos (who wins my best-dressed award)!

And then of course, we signed some books.
All in all, it was an old-time blowout party and a success. Thank you Brian McGuigan, Michael Hayes, and everyone else at Richard Hugo House! Thank you, Elliott Bay Book Company!  Thank you Abrams! And thank you Carter Family, for making the music all those years ago...
Ron Austin, who is making a documentary about cartoonists in the NW, did some filming and took a few really nice photos:
Leeann and I took a bunch of photos too:

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