Monday, June 15, 2009

Page One

Big News: Frank and I have completed the rough draft of the entire book. We are beginning the inking and coloring phase of production!

On Friday (6/12/09) I worked on preparing page one to be inked. The sheet you see with the blueline art which has some penciling on top of it is a portion of page one. Up above it is a vintage photo of the Carter and Bays families gathered together ca. 1900. I am using the photo as reference when I draw AP's parents and relatives, many of whom will appear in this brief opening scene of the book.


Sean R-B said...

Good for you guys!

As an old-time musician (Check out my band, the Mound City Slickers on Myspace and Facebook) and a huge fan of the Carter Family, I can't wait for this book to hit the stands.

Sean R-B

David Lasky, Esq. said...

Thanks, Sean! We'll do our best.

I see you're in St. Louis. Is "Mound City" in reference to Cahokia? I love that place.

Jeff Overturf said...

I am really looking forward to you book and appreciate the hard work you're doing. I gave a mention to it in my blog here
Not many readers, but I wanted to give credit where it was due. I am also a regular reader of your Stanley stories blog. Keep up the good work guys.