Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't Forget This Song is on pre-order status at Amazon!

Our book was once listed on, but due to the various hurdles David and I had to jump to get this baby done, that listing was soon a pipe-dream.

This time it's for real!

Click HERE to see the real thing!

As David said, "This is yet another marker for me that the book is a REAL thing, and will really be in print soon..." I second that emotion! 

If the book isn't physically being printed, as I write this, it's either on the printer's queue (or, perhaps, already run off) in China. The street date is October 1st, but copies may surface before then, depending on when the book is printed and how long it takes copies to arrive, via the proverbial slow boat from China, to our consumer shores.

It's exciting news for us, and we're glad to share it here with you!


Lasky said...

I googled around and found it listed at a lower pre-order price (and free shipping):

Jeff Overturf said...

Incredible, guys! Congrats!