Sunday, August 5, 2012

David and Frank see DON'T FORGET THIS SONG the book for the first time! Video by James Gill

Frank & David see book for the first time from James Gill on Vimeo.

Just what it sez above... we held off on looking at the advance copy of our graphic novel (not in stores 'til at least September, folks...) until we could meet up and see it together. Jim Gill captured the moment, which occurred in his siren-rific apartment in Seattle's medical district. 


Gabriel said...

Thanx for sharing!

I did tweet it. I had to--

Jeff Overturf said...

So nice to see your labors come too fruition...we've been along on your journey for so long (me since 2009...others longer I'm sure) it's wonderfully generous of you to share this moment with us! Looking very forward to picking up my copy of this labor of love all about one of my creative/artistic/cornerstone icons! Great job, guys!