Sunday, November 11, 2012

NW Tour Recap: Portland!

On October 25, Frank and I gave a reading and signed copies of our book at the world's greatest little store, Reading Frenzy, in Portland, Oregon.

(photo by Corin See)

We had a great turn-out, Reading Frenzy sold all its copies, and I even sold the five I'd brought along with me. Thank you, Portland Comics Scene for representing!  It was great to see old friends, and meet some new old friends. 

During the Q&A, someone asked how long the project took.  We explained that it all began in 2002, when our friend Ilse was playing recorded music to her baby, in-utero.  She played a CD of hillbilly music, and suggested to me that some of those old hillbilly musicians might have some good stories.  That got the ball rolling toward me asking Frank if he knew anything about The Carter Family.  I was able to point to the back of the room and tell everyone that Ilse's baby is now a ten year-old boy...

(Thank you, Gary and Arlo, for coming to see us!)

It was especially nice to have Beth Harrington present.  We showed a clip from her Carter Family documentary-in-progress, "The Winding Stream."  She was kind enough to sing Carter Family songs, a capella, during our reading of the Bristol Sessions chapter.  She's been a wonderful supporter of our book, and we can't wait to see her film!!

(Beth and husband Andy)

Thank you, Chloe and the staff of Reading Frenzy for fantastic event!!! 
All of my photos from the reading are posted here.

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