Sunday, March 25, 2012

Coloring Completed for DFTS! Whew!!!

I can relate to A.P. Carter's need to sit down in an easy chair, catch his breath, and maybe take a nap!
I just turned in the last color pages for our long-in-progress graphic novel Carter Family Comics: Don't Forget This Song!
David should have the book's decorative endpapers completed today as well.

If I weren't stone broke, I'd go out and celebrate!

The work isn't completely done. There's some tweaking and fixing-up left to do... but the big major effort is COMPLETED!

While we complete the last filigrees and lily-gildings of this project, and as we wait for the book to come into print, we'll present excerpts and behind-the-scenes stuff  here, to whet your appetite for the published book--which is scheduled to ship in October!

In the meantime--hey, "Doc," don't mind me! I'm slouching down in the armchair right beside you (not pictured in comics panel above--but believe me, it's there...)


Gabriel said...

Hey, congrats, my friend! Happy to hear it!

Looks like we're all living on a beach where every tenant is stone broke currently, but not even the widest ocean might deprive me of buying this gem you two are working on.

Stand your ground!

Lasky said...

Congrads, Frank! I'm almost done with the opening end paper -- ironically, the first image in the book is the last thing I'm drawing...

Paul Tumey said...

Frank and David -- a heart-felt congratulations to you on accomplishing this work! Can't wait to see the printed version!