Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Endpapers--Last New Art For The Carter Family Graphic Novel!

Altho' these are crummy iPod pictures (see Corin See's much higher-rez shot, taken minutes after I took these, on Facebook), they offer a candid look at David--at work on the last piece of significant line art for Don't Forget This Song.

These lo-rez pix don't do justice to this stunning endpaper art. This is one of two ultra-detailed, distinctive pieces of endpaper artwork the book will have.

The book is going to press for a proof printing this week. We'll have a slim window of time to make a few needed changes, and then it's off to the press for real.

Here's David putting nib to bristol board, plus two shots of the art-in-progress...

More soon, friends!

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